Luca Name Meaning In Bible 2024

Luca Name Meaning In Bible: Today in this article we are going to explain Luca Name Meaning In Bible with Name Variations.

So let’s see What is Biblical Meaning of Luca Name in 2024? (Luca Name Meaning).

  • Lucas comes from Greek and Latin. It’s a boy’s name from Latin, and it means ‘to shine’ because of the Latin word ‘lucere.’
  • There are girl versions like Lucille, Luciana, and Lucia. Luca and Luka are names that can be for boys or girls.
  • When you say Lucas, it sounds like ‘Loo-kuhs.’

Luca Name Meaning In Bible

Luca Name Meaning In Bible
Luca Name Meaning In Bible

The name Lucas comes from the Greek name Loukas. Lucas also has another meaning – “man from Lucania.”

Lucania is an old place in southern Italy, and people think its name means white or light. So, it’s like Lucas is a “bringer of light” in Latin.

The Bible talks about Luke, who is seen as one of the four writers of the gospels.

People think he was a doctor. Catholics see him as the special saint for doctors, artists, and creative folks.

How Popular Is the Name Lucas?

Lucas is a really liked name for boys in the U.S. It’s the 8th most popular, says data from the Social Security Administration in 2020.

In 2018, it joined the top 10 names for the first time. The peak was in 2020 when 11,281 babies got named Lucas.

Lucas started getting noticed in the 1980s, ranking 112 for that decade. In the 1990s, it was 99, and in the 2000s, it climbed to 61.

After that, it became even more popular and ended up at number 17 by the end of the 2010s. So, lots of little boys are being named Lucas!

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Luca Name Variations

Lucas comes in different forms in various languages:

  • Luca in Italian
  • Luc in French
  • Luka in Slavic
  • Loukas in Greek
  • Łukasz in Latin
  • Luke in Greek
  • Lukus in Greek

Luca Similar Names

Names that are Similar like Lucas are:

  • Alexander
  • Benjamin
  • Caleb
  • Elijah
  • Gabriel
  • Liam
  • Logan
  • Noah
  • Oliver
  • Sebastian

Also, other names for boys that start with ‘L’ are:

  • Landon
  • Lawrence
  • Leon
  • Leo
  • Leonardo
  • Lester
  • Levi
  • Lewis
  • Liam
  • Logan
  • Louis
  • Luther
  • Luca
  • Luke

Famous People Named Lucas

Some well-known people named Lucas include Lucas Cranach the Elder, who was a famous German painter a long time ago.

Then there’s Lucas Sebastián Torreira Di Pascua, who is a professional footballer.

Lucas Hedges is another Lucas; he’s an American actor and has acted in movies like “Ben Is Back,” “Lady Bird,” “Waves,” and “Manchester by the Sea.”

Lastly, there’s Luka Modrić, a soccer player from Croatia. He plays in the midfield for Real Madrid in Spain and is also the captain of the national team of Croatia.

These are some of the famous Lucase’s in different fields like art, sports, and entertainment.


Luca Name Meaning In Bible?

The name Luke is of Greek origin and means “from Lucania” or “light-giving.” It is derived from the Greek name Loukas (Λουκᾶς).


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